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Andy Bohuslavizki Newport Beach Building

Andy Bohuslavizki Newport Beach, CA

Orange County, CA-  | Experienced marketing professional Andy Bohuslavizki is asked to comment on the state of the mounting Zantac MDL's. " The volume spike in online search demand for Zantac related cancer settlements shows that the number of potential plaintiffs is vast. You can't be sure of the merit of the cases but the volume alone makes this tort interesting from a marketing perspective."

Many Zantac Lawsuits have been thrown out of the National MDL but state cases continue to make their way through the courts. Various referral lawyers are now referring these cases to state specific state licensed firms so that they can properly represent plaintiffs in state court. Many settlements have been struck prior to the cases final days and we suspect that this will continue due to the manufacturers wanting to avoid any damaging evidence during testimony.

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Chloe Bohuslavizki one of 2023 Orange County D1 sport recruits as reported in the OC Register. Relation to Andy Bohuslavizki: Unknown

Andy Bohuslavizki Orange County Newport Beach CA
Andy Bohuslavizki Chloe Bohuslavizki Newport Beach CA

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