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CA Laws Firms Consolidate Zantac Lawsuits

Earlier this summer, lawyers from four different California law firms came together to consolidate their individual Zantac lawsuits together as one class-action lawsuit. Together, the class action lawsuit represented 40 California residents that claim Zantaz caused their cancer diagnosis.

Why Consolidate?

The goal of consolidating these cases was to improve the chances of joining larger lawsuits against the same manufacturer. The more people that are involved in a class-action lawsuit that claim to have suffered the same injuries or medical issues, the stronger the case.

Another reason lawyers across the country are consolidating their individual cases against Zantac into class action lawsuits is that it can help balance out some of the cases that don’t necessarily fall in line with the majority.

For example, most of the lawsuits against Zantac are filed by older adults who were diagnosed with cancer after using Zantac to treat their heartburn. These cases all have similar outcomes and plaintiffs of around the same age. However, cases that are considered outliers, such as children impacted by Zantac because their mother took the medication while pregnant, can find a place in a class-action lawsuit. This consolidation of cases helps cases that would otherwise look unrelated gain credibility.

These California cases, just like the other class-action lawsuits across the country, have one goal: to prove that the chemical NDMA causes cancer and that Zantac manufacturers knew it was in the product when they distributed it to the public.

Zantac Lawsuits Across The Country

Zantac Lawsuits Across The Country

California is not the only state taking steps to consolidate individual lawsuits into stronger class action lawsuits. Lawyers across the country are taking on a growing number of Zantac lawsuits, and are beginning to see an increase in people receiving a cancer diagnosis after taking Zantac and wanting justice and compensation for the mistake.

Back in 2018, two California lawyers were able to win $289M for their client who was diagnosed with glyphosate cancer after taking Zantac. It’s too early to tell how much the average plaintiff could win in a Zantac lawsuit, but compensation from a class-action lawsuit could help cover costs associated with:

Contact The Zantac Justice Center Today!

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or other medical issues after taking Zantac, you could be part of one of the hundreds of class action lawsuits happening across the country. Our Zantac Justice Center associates are ready to hear the specifics of your case to determine how you could benefit from being part of the next class-action suit.

Want to learn more about how a Zantac class action lawsuit would work in your state? Contact us today. Your health, well being, stability, and legacy are too important not to fight for.

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